Industrial Group Aban Baspar Parsian with many years of experience in the supply of pipes and fittings made of polyethylene of 2002, according to background and work experience in order to fulfill the major policies and improve the water and wastewater industry, water supply, agriculture, petroleum, petrochemical, mining and power plant in the production of polyethylene fittings welded and UPVC is established.

Industrial Group Aban Baspar Parsian  products that comply with national standards and international standards of production and sales of CE certification and management system according to ISO 9001 are presented as follows:

PE fittings (tee, elbow, flange, cap, turns, splits Branch, customize a variety of special fittings).

UPVC Fittings (spigot flange opvc,upvc-socket flange opvc,upvc-coupler opvc,upvc-bend upvc,opvc-all flanged tee opvc,upvc-double socket tee with flanged opvc,upvc-all socket tee opvc,upvc-).