Polyethylene Fittings

Pe fittings

PE fittings to split up, redirect pipes, closing lanes, changing the size of the pipe and so on.

PE fittings industry group Aban baspar parsian that meets national and international standards according to the customer's order in a variety of sizes and brand Abramettesal manufacturers are offered, including:

The essential steps of PE pipe and fitting production are to heat,melt, mix and convey the raw material into a particular shape and hold that shape during the cooling process. This is necessary to produce solid wall and profile wall pipe as well as compression and injection molded fittings. All diameters of solid wall PE pipe are continuously extruded through an annular die. Whereas, for large diameter profile wall pipes, the profile is spirally wound onto a mandrel and heat-fusion sealed along the seams. Solid wall PE pipe is currently produced in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 63 inches in diameter. Spirally wound profile pipe may be made up to 10 feet in diameter or more. PE pipe, both the solid wall type and the profile wall type, are produced in accordance with the requirements of a variety of industry standards and specifications such as ASTM and AWWA. Likewise, the PE fittings that are used with solid wall PE pipe are also produced in accordance with applicable ASTM standards. Refer to Chapter 5 for a list of the commonly used PE pipe standards. Generally, thermoplastic fittings are injection or compression molded, fabricated using sections of pipe, or machined from molded plates. Injection molding is used to produce fittings up through 12 inches in diameter, and fittings larger than 12 inches are normally fabricated from sections of pipe. Refer to Chapter 5 for a list of the commonly used PE fittings standards. All of these pipe and fittings standards specify the type and frequency of quality control tests that are required. There are several steps during the manufacturing process that are closely monitored to ensure that the product complies with these rigorous standards. Some of these steps are discussed in the section of this chapter on quality control and assurance.

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