UPVC Pipes

Pvc-u pipe due to corrosion resistance, high chemical resistance, high elastic modulus, hardness annular sustainable, long-term tensile strength, strength to weight ratio, the connector seal, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance against impact, Low roughness value, radiation resistance and reasonable price could be a good alternative to metal pipes.

Pvc-u pipe applications in four areas, including:

PVC-U pipes used in water distribution systems as standard ISIRI9117

PVC-U pipes for non-pressure underground sewage discharge standards ISIRI9118

PVC-U pipes for building sewage discharge standards ISIRI9119

PVC-U pipes used in telecommunication cables and electrical transmission as standard ISIRI11105

UPVC pipes in sizes 20 to 1200 mm and working pressure of 4-25 atmosphere is produced according to standards.

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