polyethylene pipes

Abram Ettesal Producing polyethylene pipes according to national and international standards according to the customer's order in a variety of sizes and working pressure

Polyethylene pipes include:

Single-walled polyethylene pipes

Double-wall polyethylene pipe (Corrugated)

Drainpipe (with artificial cover - without artificial cover)

Folding tube

Underground Installation of PE Piping
Piping systems are prevalent throughout our everyday world. Most of us think of piping systems as underground structures used to convey liquids of one sort or another. To the novice, the concept of pipeline installation underground sounds relatively straight forward: a) dig a trench, b) lay the pipe in the trench, and c) fill the trench back in. While this simplified perspective of pipeline construction may be appealing, it does not begin to address the engineering concepts involved in the underground installation of a pipeline. This chapter is written to assist in the development of a comprehensive understanding of the engineering principles utilized in the underground installation of PE pipe. In the pages which follow, the reader will be introduced to the concept of a pipe soil system and the importance that the soil and the design and preparation of the back-fill materials play in the long-term performance of a buried pipe structure. Specific terminology and design concepts relating to the underground installation of PE pipe will be fully discussed. This will include fundamental guidelines regarding trench design and the placement and subsequent backfill of the PE pipe.This chapter is intended to assist the pipeline designer in theunderground installation of PE piping materials. This chapter is not intended as a substitute for the judgement of a professionalengineer. Rather, it is felt that a comprehensive presentation of these design and installation principles may assist the engineer or designer in utilizing PE pipe in a range of applications that require that it be buried beneath the earth.

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